COVID-19 Athletic Event Protocol

Covid -19 Protocols and Proceduresfor Home and Away Events All Home Gym Athletic Events

1. All visitors to the gym will be required to have a temperature check (including athletes, coaches, game officials and administrators).

2. A person exhibiting temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be granted entrance to the campus.

3. All visitors to the gym must wear a facemask. A visitor who passes the temperature check, and is wearing a mask, will be issued a paper armband and will be granted entrance to the gym under any of the following conditions:

a. They have been issued an additional rubber athletic armband indicating they are a family member or friend of a rostered athlete.

b. They are one of the first-come first-serve 30 students to sit in the designated student section.

c. They are on the visitor’s list provided by the visiting team’s coach or athletic director. The capacity is 30 spectators in the visitor’s section.

4. Concessions will be available for purchase but may only be consumed in the designate “food court”.

5. We will ask all fans to exit the gym immediately after the contests are completed. This allows time to sanitize all areas between contests or at the conclusion of games.

6. Athletes and coaches will be required to wear masks while in the bench area. Masks may be required during contests.

7. Visiting teams must bring water; community coolers and water fountains will not be available.

All Away Gym Events:

1. Each away event may have different Covid-19 protocols and procedures.

2. Schools may limit the amount of fans in attendance.

3. We may have to provide a list of the fans traveling to away events.

4. We will have designated seating arrangements for our busses.

5. Water may not be available at away gyms. Athletes should bring water.

6. Teams will not be stopping at restaurants on the way home. Bring extra food or snacks.

7. All athletes should be dressed in game attire before arriving at a visitor’s gym.

8. All athletes and coaches are encouraged to leave the gym area as soon as possible after the conclusion of the contest.