Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose a private Christian School?
A: We believe that a school's ultimate purpose should be to equip children to understand the truth about life, the world, and their place in it.

We also believe that in order to understand these truths, the deeper questions regarding the meaning and purpose of life cannot be ignored. The curriculum of public education cannot guide students through these deeper questions of life, and it cannot use the Word of God as it's standard of truth. Christian Schools, on the other hand, seek to equip students to recognize the Lordship of Christ in all subject areas of learning and to respond in obedience to His call to be transforming influences in society.

Secondly, not only does a school shape a child's mind, but one also cannot ignore the impact that a school has on the heart of a child. All schools have a vision for the kind of person they want their students to become. In other words, schools do not only teach information they also seek to educate the emotions and influence the living actions of a child's life. The power a school has to impress a worldview on a youngster is great.

The goal of Christian education is to guide children towards an understanding that God is at the center of every pursuit of knowledge. Not only that, Christian schools also strive to challenge students towards allowing God to mold their hearts in submission to Him, and in doing that, they equip them to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ in the world. There is no greater purpose for a school than to guide students towards embracing the world in this way.


Q: What financial aid is accepted at Hernando Christian Academy?
A: Hernando Christian Academy participates in the following financial aid scholarship programs. Step Up for Students, Florida Empowerment Scholarship, AAA Scholarship, Gardiner Scholarship, McKay Scholarship and HCA Financial Aid.

Q: Do I have to be a member of a particular church to be accepted at Hernando Christian Academy?
A: No. You do not need to be a member of a church.

Q: Does Hernando Christian Academy provide student transportation services?
A: No. We do not have pick-up or drop-off transportation.

Q: Does my child need to take an entrance exam at Hernando Christian Academy?
A: For grades pre-school through 8th grade, your son or daughter will be tested to determine proper placement in our classes. 

The test will cover material that the child has already studied and will be scored according to the national norms for the child's current level of schooling.

Q: Does tuition cover the cost of books?
A: The cost of books is included in the Elementary tuition. For Middle and High School students, the cost of books is the parent’s responsibility to purchase.

Q: Is there a uniform at Hernando Christian Academy?
A: Yes, HCA requires students to wear school logoed shirts. For chapel, a logoed blazer is required. For more information, please review our uniform information guidelines.

Q: What is the student/teacher ratio at Hernando Christian Academy?
A: There is 1:20 student/teacher ratio. Most of our elementary classes have a teacher aid in the classroom.

Q: What clubs does Hernando Christian Academy offer?
A: At HCA, we have Student Government, Yearbook, Stem, Art, Chess/Game, National Honor Society, Puppet Team, and Worship Team.

Q: What sports are offered at Hernando Christian Academy?
A: HCA is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association and fields teams in boys’ football, basketball and baseball; and girls’ volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and softball as well as co-ed cross country, soccer and tennis.

Q: What grades are offered at HCA?
A: We offer an academic program beginning at PreK 4 through 12th grade.

Q: Do Hernando Christian Academy students take a standardized test?
A: Yes, Hernando Christian Academy students take the MAP growth assessment three times during the school year.  The purpose of MAP Growth is to determine what the student knows and is ready to learn next. MAP Growth is designed to measure student achievement in the moment and growth over time. MAP Growth can also track students' individual growth over time, wherever they are starting from and regardless of the grade they are in.