Pre-Kindergarten 4

The most impressionable years of a child's life are during preschool. At a very early age, children form habits and attitudes, and develop communication and thinking skills that will shape their futures. A child's preschool experience is the basis for academic achievement.

Gentle guidance toward a love for learning and the development of Christ-like character begins on the first day a preschool child enters Hernando Christian Academy. In a calm yet vibrant setting, work and play complement each other.

A dynamic curriculum helps young minds develop reading readiness and math skills. The first steps in phonics mastery are accomplished through our phonics based reading program, which develops proper pronunciation of letters. Language skills are gained when listening ears absorb the rich language of stories during story time. The basics of mathematics are learned when busy little hands design colorful patterns with shapes and blocks.

The HCA preschool program introduces students to the wonderful world of learning. Through creative play, learning stations, and teacher-led activities, students will explore the areas of art, music, reading, writing, science, social studies, physical education, character development and positive social interaction. Students learn of God's love through daily Bible activities and stories as well as through the integration of God's truth in the curriculum. The preschool students also have their own weekly chapel service where they express their love of God through worship and music.

Happy and secure, growing in the knowledge of the love of Christ- this is the bright beginning of Hernando Christian Academy preschool children.