High School (9-12)


Within our program students are challenged with high expectations to develop in many different areas of their lives. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills by participating in various organizations and activities including National Honor Societies, Student Government, athletics, and leadership committees.

Community service requirements allow students to be involved with professional organizations in the Hernando County area and to grow as servant leaders.

At the center of all activities is the biblical worldview to strengthen the students' character. Students take part in weekly chapels and daily Bible classes to gain a deeper understanding of Scripture and learn practical applications for God's word. This character development carries over into the relationships both on and off campus.

Academically HCA prepares all students to be ready for college. For students who desire a more rigorous academic program, HCA offers not only Honors classes, but Advanced classes to challenge the most talented students. Additionally, we have Advanced Placement classes on campus, as well as dual enrollment.

The personalized attention each student receives fosters a family atmosphere that encourages students to reach for their best. We strive to help your child mature into a responsible adult with the foundation and experiences necessary to be successful.

HCA is a college preparatory program based on the principle that students at this stage of their academic development must participate in creating opportunities for learning and take ownership of their academic progression. Therefore, students in Math, Science, History, English and Bible courses engage in activities that are primarily student-driven and which incorporate various methods of assessment including term papers, projects and oral and multimedia presentations as well as traditional objective tests. College-bound students with the need and aptitude for greater academic challenges may apply for admission to Advanced Placement courses. Students are also strongly encouraged to enroll in foreign language classes and focus on specific elective areas in which they have a compelling aptitude or interest. Additionally, we offer SAT preparatory classes to prepare students for their SAT testing. The elective offerings vary from year to year with the changing needs of students, but standard offerings have included art, worship team, drama, yearbook, computer applications and puppetry. HCA’s emphasis on building leaders with Christian character is reinforced at the high school level by requiring community service hours for graduation and the opportunity for students to assume leadership roles within the student government system.