Excellence for mind and heart is nurtured in the creative arts at Hernando Christian Academy, as we acknowledge that we are made in the image of God, the Creator of all things.


HCA offers drama class beginning in middle school as an elective. Our drama class at HCA provides an exciting array of experiences and training in multiple facets of the dramatic arts, including ensemble work, improvisational skills, basic stage movement, vocal quality, critiquing skills, body awareness (movement), interpretation and detailed characterization skills. Many of our current students take their skills learned and perform outside of our school through a local not-for-profit theatre production company. Students discover how dramatic storytelling reflects the beauty of God’s ultimate story, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Students are given many opportunities to cultivate their dramatic talents for God’s glory.

Puppetry Team

Our HCA Puppet and Stick Ministry team is offered to students in the 5th-12th grade. Students travel and perform skits at local events, schools and nursing homes. There is no other ministry quite like puppet ministry! Puppets are effective in reaching, teaching, and entertaining audiences of all ages and are a GREAT way to teach about the Bible! These animated characters live in an imaginary world, but they can express, talk and sing about real issues too. Our students become storytellers, and use their creativity to share important Biblical messages.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts at Hernando Christian Academy provides an opportunity where students of all levels of ability can feel free to explore and enjoy their own unique God-given creativity. Art class is offered to students in Elementary, Middle School and High School.

Students are introduced to the basic elements of art with emphasis on hands-on application of the elements. The focus is on creating various types and styles of art projects throughout the year. Students will study various artists and learn their styles as well as their contributions to art. Students participate in painting backdrops for theatre performances and more.


Music is a wonderful gift from God and is a valued part of our student' educational experience. We believe that music is essential to the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual development of all children. Hernando Christian Academy children attend music classes each week in grades kindergarten - 5th grade. Students in high school have the opportunity to audition for playing an instrument or being a lead vocalist for our Worship Team. Performances for elementary include an annual musical and ministry opportunities for our high school students.