Bright Beginnings (K3-K4)

The most impressionable years of a child's life are during preschool. At a very early age, children form habits and attitudes, and develop communication and thinking skills that will shape their futures. A child's preschool experience is the basis for academic achievement.

Gentle guidance toward a love for learning and the development of Christ-like character begins on the first day a preschool child enters Hernando Christian Academy. In a calm yet vibrant setting, work and play complement each other.

A dynamic curriculum helps young minds develop reading readiness and math skills. The first steps in phonics mastery are accomplished through our phonics based reading program, which develops proper pronunciation of letters such as "P". Little lips puff p's, when practicing the words pink, pig and purple. Language skills are gained when listening ears absorb the rich language of stories in fine literature during story time. The basics of mathematics and geometry are learned when busy little hands design colorful patterns with shapes and blocks.

Delighting in rhythm and rhyme, happy feet skip and hop while spirited voices sing "Hey Diddle, Diddle." Sticky fingers paint priceless works of art, as preschoolers develop small motor skills. Exclamations of delight can be heard throughout the building as God's world is being revealed to tiny hearts. Bright eyes focus with wonder as teachers tell the story of George Washington kneeling in the snow at Valley Forge. Little heads bow while precious hearts are lifted in prayer.

The HCA preschool program introduces students to the wonderful world of learning. Through creative play, learning stations, discovery stations, and teacher-led activities, students will explore the areas of art, music, reading, writing, science, social studies, physical education, character development and positive social interaction. Students learn of God's love through daily Bible activities and stories as well as through the integration of God's truth in the curriculum. The preschool students also have their own weekly chapel service where they express their love of God through worship and music.

Happy and secure, growing in the knowledge of the love of Christ- this is the bright beginning of Hernando Christian Academy preschool children.


Children entering K3 must be three years old by September 1st and completely potty-trained. Children entering K4 must be four prior to September 1st. Children entering K5 must be five prior to September 1st. In addition to the application, a parent must provide a copy of the birth certificate, immunization record, as well as the latest report card and standardized test scores.

Before & After School Care

Childcare is provided for familes who need additional supervision for their children, either prior to the start of school or after school ends. Before school hours are 7:00-8:00am with after school hours being 12:00-6:00pm for K3 and K4, and 3:00-6:00pm for K5 through 8th grade. Childcare is available only on days when school is in session. Childcare is a separate fee that parents are billed for on a monthly basis.


HCA’s preschool is exempt from licensing, but voluntarily complies with state licensing requirements. The program reviews state standards and self monitors for compliance. All preschool staff review preschool standards each year. The preschool is inspected by the fire department and the Pasco Hernando Early Learning Coalition on a periodic basis. In accordance with section 402.306, Florida Statutes, the Department recognizes and exempts from licensure those religiously-affiliated programs that meet the following statutory requirements:

The provisions of ss. 402.301-402.319, except for the requirements regarding screening of child care personnel, shall not apply to a child care facility which is an integral part of church or parochial schools conducting regularly scheduled classes, courses of study, or educational programs accredited by, or by a member of, an organization which publishes and requires compliance with its standards for health, safety, and sanitation. However, such facilities shall meet minimum requirements of the applicable local governing body as to health, sanitation, and safety and shall meet the screening requirements pursuant to ss. 402.305 and 402.3055. Failure by a facility to comply with such screening requirements shall result in the loss of the facility's exemption from licensure.

Any county or city with state or local child care licensing programs in existence on July 1, 1974, will continue to license the child care facilities as covered by such programs, notwithstanding the provisions of subsection (1), until and unless the licensing agency makes a determination to exempt them.

Any child care facility covered by the exemption provisions of subsection (1), but desiring to be included in this act, is authorized to do so by submitting notification to the Department of Children and Families. Once licensed, such facility cannot withdraw from the act and continue to operate.

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